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02 April 2006 @ 04:41 pm
*is ashamed*  
People keep joining this community, even though I never ever update it and its members update it rarely (but when they do it's like BANG!). Allow me to alert you to the web home of the aforementioned book, Deviant Desires. More specifically, allow me to alert you to the section on Robots. Highlights include:

"it's all about transforming oneself or one's lover into a mechanized erotic automaton."

"Robotdoll and his wife occasionally play robot games at home in silver lycra spandex bodysuits he bought in a New York lingerie store. (He laughs as he tells me how he was so excited about finally acting out his dreams that he accidentally orgasmed in the outfit when he tried it on in the store dressing room.)"

Also, I love this bizarre set of porn pictures (NSFW), wherein an average porn girl encounters this HILARIOUS robot with a plastic brain on top!

This paraphile is: robotic