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17 January 2006 @ 03:26 pm
A little bit of ageplay  

Title: Ageplay. I'm not great at titles *g*
Author: legolas_is_mine
Characters: Viggo Mortensen/ Orlando Bloom
Prompt: 33. Age Play
Word Count: 914
Rating: R/ NC17
Disclaimer: This is completely untrue, none of it happened and there are no implications being made about any of the people featured within
Author's Notes: This is the first time I ever wrote anything with this kind of play in it, I tried to keep it light rather than going all out as that can become kinda... cheesey. I hope y'all like it :)
Thanks have to go to cmcarter25, teh_kimeye and spank_an_elf for reading and reassuring me on this one!

“Orlando! Daddy’s home,” Viggo called as he walked into the house, knowing that his little boy had been waiting for him to get home as he had been allowed home early, not needed on set for the afternoons filming.

Orli ran out from his bedroom, practically leaping down the stairs in his eagerness to feel his lover’s arms around him. Viggo smiled down at the young man he held.

“Did you miss me?” He asked, teasingly; Orli nodded mournfully.

“There was no one to play with,” he muttered into Viggo’s shoulder, taking his cue from Viggo’s greeting. Viggo grinned and scooped Orlando up, carrying him into the living room and sitting them both on the sofa.

“My poor baby, all by himself all afternoon; I hope he was a good boy,” Viggo teased Orlando, enjoying the way the young man curled against him. They didn’t often play this way but it was always fulfilling when they did. Orlando nodded.

“I was a very good boy, Daddy” The young man smiled at Viggo, his cheeky grin and youthful face giving an air of credibility to the notion that he was just a child. He wriggled in Viggo’s lap, making himself comfortable in the other man’s arms, and giggling softly as he felt the hardening cock enclosed within Viggo’s trousers.

“I find that very hard to believe,” Viggo teased. “What have you been up to whilst I was out then?”

“I fell off the slide and scraped my knee.” Orlando sniffled, pulling the long shorts up his leg and displaying a cut there. They both knew that the small injury had actually occurred the previous day, when Dominic and Orli had been rough housing and had overbalanced off of one of the balconies of Rivendell. Luckily, they hadn’t broken any props or injured themselves in any serious way.

Viggo gasped, pulling Orli’s leg up and pressing kisses onto his knee, tickling the back of the joint with the fingers of one hand whilst sneaking the other down towards Orlando’s groin, rubbing lightly at the already half hard cock located therein.

“Daddy will make it all better,” he murmured reassuringly, as he continued to press kisses to Orli’s knee, gradually moving away from the site of the graze down towards the bottom of the shorts, already distorted from Viggo’s gentle massaging of Orlando’s cock.

Orlando giggled; the underside of his knee was one of the more ticklish spots on his body, a fact which Viggo took advantage of every time he had the opportunity to do so. A soft moan escaped from his lips as Viggo’s kisses drifted higher up his leg, and he had to make an effort to stay in character.

“Daddy, please,” he whimpered, thrusting up into Viggo’s hand, helpless to hide his arousal.

“Please what, baby?” Viggo asked, his thumb stroking soothing circles on the back of Orlando’s knee.

“Do…don’t stop. Please” The groan was needier this time as Viggo’s hand massaged Orlando’s cock oh-so-gently, teasing him with the featherlike touches, never even putting his hand inside of the shorts.

Viggo slid Orlando off his lap onto the couch; he slid down the shorts along with the briefs that his lover wore under them. He smiled as the other man’s dripping erection was revealed.

He leant down, until his mouth hovered just above Orlando’s arousal, licking lightly at the tip before slowly taking the engorged organ between his lips.

“Oh…” Orlando gaped as the exquisite heat of Viggo’s mouth surrounded him. He was already babbling as Viggo’s tongue pressed against the underside of his cock, teasing at each and every sensitive spot that his lover knew of…and he knew all of them.

Viggo grinned around Orli’s cock, stepping up the suction on his lover’s erection and bringing up one hand to run a finger around the small hole in his boy’s arse. He slipped the tip of his finger into the hole, before  pushing his finger further in, simultaneously swallowing; Orlando screamed with pleasure as he let go and came, his cock pulsing as his seed was swallowed by his lover.

Viggo pushed himself upright again.

“Now we’ve got you taken care of baby, Daddy needs some relief.”

Orlando nodded, bending his knees and letting his legs fall apart, allowing Viggo free access to his most intimate parts. Viggo grabbed the bottle of lube that they kept in the coffee table and squeezed some of the gel onto his fingers.

He pushed first one, then two fingers into Orlando, prepping him quickly, knowing that Orlando’s state of relaxation would mean that he was already loose for him. He squeezed a second globule of gel onto his hand and spread it quickly over his own cock, before pushing firmly into Orlando, who sighed at the feeling of fullness as Viggo seated himself fully inside of his passage.

At first, Viggo kept his strokes shallow, making Orlando whimper with frustration. In spite of his recent orgasm, Orli’s cock was showing clear interest in the proceedings and as Viggo’s thrusts became more violent and Orlando’s prostate was stimulated, his cock was sitting up and begging for more.

As arousing as the foreplay had been, once Viggo had buried himself in Orlando it was not long before he was filling the boy with his seed, even taking the time to stroke Orlando to a second orgasm before collapsing onto his lover, pulling him close for some quality cuddle time before heading into the kitchen to make dinner.

This paraphile is: crankycranky
This paraphile is receiving a footjob to the sounds of: American Psycho
rbr: RUN AWAY FROM THE FURRIES!ratherbrightred on January 18th, 2006 11:51 pm (UTC)
ha ha ha ha! they have lube on the coffee table.

I liked it! Decided to give it a read after discovering your neglected e-mails.

legolas_is_minelegolas_is_mine on January 18th, 2006 11:55 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked it :)


read my other ficlets too!!!!!!!!